Jada Kingdom Responds To Pregnancy Rumors

Lyndon Abioye |

Jada Kingdom hopped online to respond to pregnancy rumors after she shared a video of her and boyfriend Pardison Fontaine, together.

At the New York Fashion Week event, Pardi is seen standing with Jada then places his hand over her stomach as he nuzzles her neck and tries to kiss her. She eventually kisses him back, but viewers claimed Jada looked like she was annoyed by Pardi, and that Pardi was telling the world she was carrying his child.

“He needs to read the room and leave. She’s not feeling him at all,” one viewer wrote.

“Watch how she is leaning away. This guy need to read the red flags,” another wrote.

A third wrote, “It’s giving Baby in the oven 😍 but I guess she not yet ready to share.”

Pardi appears to be slightly intoxicated in the clip but is there trouble in paradise for the new couple?

“They’re talking!” Jada responded on X.

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