Jacqueline Laurita Admits Melissa Gorga Used To Talk ‘Badly’ About ‘RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice

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Former RHONJ star Jacqueline Laurita says that while she was friends with Melissa Gorga, she used to talk badly about her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice behind her back.

“Yes, Melissa spoke poorly of Teresa when they appeared to be good, and no, I don’t believe she ever liked Teresa or wanted Teresa and I to be close again. Everyone was just playing the tv game,” Jacqueline told AllAboutTRH.

Jacqueline gave an example of Melissa gossipping behind her back. She then explained why she thought that Melissa had such strong feelings against Teresa.

“I believe Melissa was jealous that Teresa and I were getting along and she knew that producers were pushing for us to be friends again. That’s why I believe Melissa twisted the narrative on camera into steering the viewers into believing that I was the one jealous of their relationship. The truth is…I was never jealous of their relationship. I knew how they really felt about each other and I always told Melissa (& Teresa as well) to fake it until they make it work, if they don’t want to fight on camera and/or are unable to resolve it off camera. (I had to accept that “reality” wasn’t really “reality” on our show anymore.) Right after that, Teresa seemed to turn on me again. We were good that night at dinner and even right after I was mocking Robyn for trying to have her tv moment by coming after me. What happened after that, I still don’t know. Was someone in her ear too?”

Jacqueline says she isn’t spilling the tea because she wants to return to the show.

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