Jacquees Labels Trey Songz A R*pist After He Allegedly Pulled His DREADS Out In Fight Over A Woman!!

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Jacquees put Trey Songz on blast after they allegedly got into a fight in Dubai.

Jacquees was performing at the BLU Dubai in Dubai, UAE, as part of the inaugural edition of Bubblies.

During the fight with Songz, Trigga allegedly ripped out several of Jacquees’ dreads.

“F*ck Trey Songz… this n*gga pulled out my dreads. You better be glad them boyz wasn’t me Boy you over wit in the Evershow. We there from the A to NC to Florida to All that sh*t,” he wrote on Instagram Story.

He then hopped on live.

“I want the world to know this b*tch ass n-gga Trey Songz is a b*tch, period. This n*gga came in the club talking about r*pe. The f*ck you talking about rape for, Bitch ass n-gga? Then you come outside THE CLUB and swing on your little brother. You’s a bitch. Chris Brown the G.O.A.T.” ranted Jacquees.

Jacquees claims the altercation was over a woman.

He continued, About a b*tch that ain’t even my b*tch? You talking about b*tches that’s with these n-ggas? The workers? Aye man, f*ck you, bitch ass n-gga. You a rapist, b*tch. And I don’t give a f*ck if you tell anybody anything about what we texted. Put the messages on there…f*ck you, b*tch ass n*gga. You can never come around me.”

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