Jackboy Disses Kodak Black In ‘Renegade Freestyle (Closure)’

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The beef between Jackboy and Kodak Black continued this week with Jackboy releasing his new “Renegade Freestyle (Closure)” while seemingly taking shots at his former childhood friend.

“You ain’t Z, you bought your way in/ Boy you ain’t no killer, you be cryin’ when you get caged in/ Never been on PC I’m in population with murderers/ I was reppin’ yo’ brand goin’ hard makin’ sure they heard of us,” he raps.

Kodak blamed Jackboy last year of causing his beef with NBA YoungBoy. In the freestyle, Jackboy accuses Kodak of being jealous of his artists.

“Had to counter-sue/ You tryin’ to block motion, want me to be signed to you/ Told Rolling Loud, y’all let him come then I’m not gon’ be comin’ through/Hatin’ on my success hoping that people don’t go and work with me/You’ve been a bitch, you did the same sh-t wit’ Choo Choo and Koly P/You’ve been a bitch, you tried to pull stunts with Wam and Wiz/ You the only n-gga I know that get mad when they artists lit/ You the only n-gga fakin’ actin’ like you ’bout to spin/Yo’ ass a federal agent protected by the President.”

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