Jack Harlow: I’ve Loved Black Women My Whole Life

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Jack Harlow says he doesn’t just love Black women because he’s a rapper now but that he’s loved them his entire life.

“Black women are such a massive part of my career,” he said while speaking to Teen Vogue. “I was telling The New York Times how it’s not a massive phenomenon to me because it’s just a continuation of how my life was before I was famous.”

The rapper added, “They’ll never have to worry about not being credited by me. I mean, I look out at my shows and I see them. It’s one thing when you see the memes and you hear people talking about it, but it’s another when you travel the country and you see them all over the place. I love Black women. I’ve loved Black women my whole life.”

The rapper has tried to holla at Saweetie and was curved. He is rumored to be speaking to Lori Harvey who recently split with Michael B. Jordan.

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