Ja Rule Says Fight With 50 Cent “Already Happened” & He Won!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Ja Rule was asked about his long-running beef with rapper 50 Cent during an appearance on Piers Morgan’s Youtube show.

Ja claimed that he and 50 Cent already threw hands and that he won the fight.

“I mean, you two have been going at it… 25 years now,” Piers said.

“Not me, actually, you know. I’m cool, Piers. I really don’t do social media like that at all. I post, of course, to promote some of my things but I’m really not the social media guy like that. I really don’t get into the back and forth with him,” Ja responded.

After being pressed about the beef Ja shared that he does not have any beef with 50.

“I don’t have one. Good luck to him and everything he’s doing. He’s another Black man. I wish all of us luck. I’m looking for everybody to win. I don’t have competition, Piers. I compete with me. Like I said, there’s no message to be sent,” he said.

Piers then asked who would win if he and 50 got into a physical fight.

“That’s already happened too, Piers. You gotta do your research,” he responded.

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