Ja Rule On Diddy Scandal…”I Wish Him Luck”

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Ja Rule has addressed Diddy’s ongoing legal drama after be sued by several individuals for sexual assault and other crimes.

“It’s another Black man in this industry going through some unfortunate circumstances. I wish him luck with everything he’s going through and if there’s victims in this. I can’t speak on things that I don’t know about, Piers but I wish everybody love,” he told Piers Morgan who asked him about the lawsuits.

Ja continued: “It’s a very unfortunate thing for the victims of these situations, and for the people who are also being accused of these situations. I believe in justice and I believe in the punishment fitting the crime. And if people get convicted of the things these people are saying then they should be put in jail. But I also believe, on the flipside, if people are lying about these things they should also be taken to court, tried and be put in prison as well.”

After Cassie filed and settled her lawsuit with Diddy, at least four more lawsuits have been filed accusing him of assault, harassment and even of drugging his alleged victims.

The most recent lawsuit was filed by producer Lil Rod, who raised the cash for his attorney on GoFundMe.

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