Ja Rule Also Blames Hip Hop For Ja Morant’s Behavior

Lyndon Abioye |

Ja Rule agrees with Charleston White that Hip Hop is to blame for Ja Morant’s behavior that led to his suspension.

“It’s crazy to say this but Charleston White was absolutely correct. The music we listen to and how that is the new brand. The music say I keep pipe, I do this and I do that. That turns into, ‘I need a pipe.’ A pipe meaning gun,” he told TMZ.

Morant has been suspended for 8 games for flashing a gun in a nightclub. He says it wasn’t even his weapon.

“You know, Hip Hop is very influential,” Rule said. “I’ve done things in my youth because of Hip Hop. Ya know, Redman made ‘How To Roll A Blunt,’ we started smoking blunts. Snoop made ‘Gin & Juice,’ we started drinking gin and juice. So Hip Hop is influential; I’m not gonna say it’s not. How far people take it is what it is.”

Y’all think he’s right?

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