J Prince To Wack 100: I Want All The Smoke!!

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J Prince says he wants all the smoke with Wack 100 for dissing several dead rappers.

“I’m a n-gga that stand for the culture,” J Prince said in a recent interview. “I love the Hip Hop culture. You know, I put in a lot of work. I put in a lot of work where the Hip Hop culture is concerned. I blazed a trail. When I see one trying to sh-t on 2Pac, trying to sh-t on Nipsey, trying to sh-t on the homie Big U out there, trying to shit on Master P — good n-ggas, real n-ggas — Meek Mill.”

Wack added, “I see a n-gga get on a podcast with another rat and go off on 21 Savage. I’m like, ‘Oh this n-gga got diarrhea of the mouth.’ He like full of sh-t, right. He the type of n-gga that will take a sh-t in the bed and blame it on the baby. Imagine that. You take a raw sh-t in the bed and say, ‘That’s the baby sh-t.’ This is how he go about trying to change the narrative and different sh-t about the truth.”

J Prince says Wack is a snitch and called him “Officer Rat 100.”

“He like a sissy to me. He’s a sissified n-gga to me. Just for the record, I want all the smoke … I know how to put all that out.”

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