J Prince Speaks On His ‘Personal’ Beef w/ Wack 100

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J Prince went to the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast where he spoke about his beef with Wack 100.

“He portrayed to be, ‘Oh, I’m down with y’all.’ The only reason I wanted to talk to him, you know, I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt for my brother because it’s serious business, right?” says Prince.

“So I embrace that, I entertain that, and you know — in retrospect — when I hear him take a different position like he was partners with her and this and that the whole time, [I’m like] ‘Oh, so this n-gga one of them kind of n-ggas where all money good money with him,’ you know what I mean? ‘Everybody go.'”

Prince accused Wack and his business partner of trying to exploit the Hoover family’s legacy for money.

He continued, “You know I’m from the school where everybody don’t go. And when you’re playing with a man’s freedom like that and everybody go then, you know, I take that real personal.”

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