J. Prince Says Rappers Don’t Have To ‘Check-In’ To Houston

Lyndon Abioye |

J. Prince shot down rumors that rappers and other high-profile celebrities have to check in with him if they touch down in Houston.

“Never. We don’t have time for no sucka sh-t like that. A lot of people from the different police departments to all these different people wanna insinuate like we extorting people and they have to check in,” he said on Million Dollaz Worth of Game.

“Man, that ain’t no money in that sh-t. [And] I got more money than I can spend, right? That sh-t ain’t gon’ work. It ain’t gon turn out right, ’cause real n-ggas ain’t gon’ have that no way. Check in for what?”

J. Prince did admit there are some benefits to reaching out to him and his crew.

“But on the flip side, there is what you call a brownie point to being able to have us as friends. I don’t wanna impose or force myself to embrace nobody. By the same token, those that I respect and I befriend, there is a difference coming into this city as our friend versus by yourself. And the difference is, we all respect it.”

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