J. Cole Used To Think Soulja Boy’s Lyrics Were Trash!!

Lyndon Abioye |

J. Cole admitted to secretly hating on popular artists back in the day, including Soulja Boy.

“Around the time Soulja Boy came out, I don’t know how this happened but, I had a realization within myself ’cause I’m hearing that sh-t and I’m like ‘Man this sh-t, Soulja Boy tell em”, ” the “She Knows” J.Cole said on Lil Yachty‘s A Safe Place podcast.

“Sounds crazy to say now ’cause it’s such a classic to me. But at that time I had resistance. Similar to when you came out and your class came out, I had resistance. ‘Nah that’s not the thing that I love. Like what? Y’all f-cking with this?’ I was one of them. But there was a part of me that had a realization,” he continued. “I was proud of myself for this realization. So I was like ‘Bruh, you a hater. Like, yo you are literally hating. You know you like this sh-t.’”

Soulja Boy caught wind of the comments and clapped back on X.

“N-ggaz always hated on me nothing new. Him and big sean was on some hating sh-t. But f-ck them im still lit,” he wrote.

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