J Cole Accused Of Throwing A ‘No Black Girls’ Party . . . That EXCLUDED Black Women!! (DETAILS)

Hip hop superstar J Cole is known as much for his songs, as he is for supporting socially conscious causes which positively impact Black people.

Surprisingly, Media Take Out has received some pretty disturbing information about the rapper and a recent party. According to reports, the rapper had a party in Toronto that systematically excluded Black women from entering.

A Black woman reached out to us to explain what happened to her, when she attended the rapper’s party at the Toronto hotspot, Mademoiselle. The party was to celebrate Cole leaving the Canadian Basketball league – the Canadian semi-pro basketball league he’s been playing for over the past few months.

Here’s what she told us:

I was asked by a promoter to come last minute and to bring girls. But I couldn’t just bring along just any girl, he told me they had to be “up to par” looking in order to get through the door.

I didn’t have enough time to call all my friends so I arrived alone and still got in. Although I was basically the only black girl in the party, I fit the “look” they were going for if you know what I mean.

The bouncers that were outside were very uncouth and rude. They were vetting girls on who fit the description to come in and who didn’t. During the party, I received so many dirty looks from these [non-Black] girls and felt out of place.

Drake & co were in their own section. I saw Cole wearing a simple black hoodie and jeans. Cole was also flirting and feeling on an Arab looking girl in the corner but left the party alone.

It’s not clear that J Cole had any influence into who was allowed in the party.

The 37-year-old Grammy-winning rapper made headlines by signing with the Canadian Elite Basketball League’s Shooting Stars in May. While he drew the team tons of attention by playing two road games (in Guelph and Montreal) and two home games with them, his time with the club appears to be up—at least for the time being.

On Wednesday night, after his best game with the Shooting Stars so far—hitting two three-pointers shattering his previous career high, and helping the team win 99-81 over the Newfoundland Growlers—Cole confirmed he’d be leaving the team to go on tour.

“I was telling the guys in there like, ‘I’m going for these shows, I’m not sure if I’ll be back,’” Cole said in an interview posted on the Shooting Stars’ Instagram account. “But just in case, I had to let them know how incredible this was. The players, the coaching staff, the organization, the league, it’s a crazy thing when you see it on paper, when you see what’s actually happening, and they made me feel so welcome.”

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