iShowSpeed Drops New Kai Cenat Diss Track!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Popular streamer iShowSpeed has dropped a diss track aimed at Twitch heavyweight, Kai Cenat, over Drake’s “Back to Back” beat.

“Kai, you can’t pull Tyla/You dirty-a*s n***a you do not pull b***hes/I’m sending 5k to a f**king b***h, I never paid for p***y, n***a suck my d***k,” Speed raps.

“Adin leaked my number/B***h, here go your muthaf**kin number,/ B***h, I really don’t care/Zoom in, take a good stare/N***a, I don’t give a f**k/You always on my d**k, n***a, suck my left nut.”

IShowSpeed then leaked Kai’s phone number.

Last week, Kai claimed an OnlyFans model who goes by Layla Red is, attempting to extort him over alleged hush money for sex.

Layla Red posted a photo of her and Kai in bed together. She says he owes her $5,000 in “hush money” for the $10,000 encounter. She says he only paid her half the money owed.

“If I would’ve just got my money, I would’ve shut up,” she said.

Kai responded. He says he only gave her $50 for an Uber ride and that she signed an NDA…which she has now broken.

Kai provided receipts showing the only thing he paid for was $50 for her Uber.

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