Is Claudia Jordan Returning To ‘RHOA’?

Lyndon Abioye |

There are rumors online that Claudia Jordan may be returning to the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Speaking to ET, she addressed the rumors.

“No one has called me or given me a nice contract as of late but I’m here for the coin,” she said.

Claudia says she doesn’t even watch the show anymore.

“I don’t watch Housewives anymore,” she told the outlet. “Once I wasn’t on the show I watched it two more times. Some people go on there and they make it their entire life. It was a great experience and I still get love to this day, and I would definitely go back.”

She added, “I’ve done so many other things, and I’m really loving my time kind of popping in and out of The Breakfast Club in New York, films, producing and I wrote a stage play.”

Andy Cohen has previously admitted that Claudia is the one Housewife he wished hadn’t been let go.

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