Interracial (BW/WM) Polyamorous Couple Claim To Have The Secret For A Successful Relationship!

Jacqueline Thomas |

Nick Piperno and Millie Boella a Canadian polyamorous couple claims that keeping a Google Doc of relationship rules is the key to maintaining a happy and successful relationship.

The couple, apparently unmarried and childless, have been together for 13 years. They claim that keeping a document of how much time they spend together, how to argue properly and how to share personal finances has kept them together and is encouraging other couples to do the same.

The couple is also polyamorous and has one big rule – that no one partner is put in a superior position over another. So although they have been together for 13 years, if Piperno were to meet a new woman (which he has) that new woman would have as many rights in the relationship as Millie.

To further propagate the idea of polyamory, Millie and Nick, started an initiative in 2021 called Decolonizing Love to “make polyamory more accessible and inclusive for all, and to provide holistic support for individuals navigating polyamorous relationships.”

Is polyamory the future of relationships or has it always been around and what was old is becoming new again?

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