Internet Troll Charleston White Goes On Racist Anti-Asian Rant … Threatens Asian Kids!! (His Career’s Over)

Lyndon Abioye |

Internet Troll Charleston White’s career is officially over today … he might as well join up with Kanye West now.

Charleston White

Media Take Out learned that Charleston was having an internet feud with a popular NY rapper/podcaster named China Mac. China Mac is Asian.

During China Mac and Charleston White’s feud, Charleston began making some very anti-Asian remarks, Media Take Out confirmed.

In response to Charleston’s racist rant, China Mac organized with a group of Asian associations in New York City and blocked Charleston from performing in the city.

Then Charleston went full on Nazi. Listen to what he said this morning – we warn you it is absolutely disgusting. During the rant, he claimed that he wanted to do disturbing things to Asian children.


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