Inmate Fleece ‘B**ty Warrior’ Johnson Released From Prison. . . Married To A Woman … But Misses ’Man B**ty’

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Fleece “The B**ty Warrior” Johnson was released from prison last year, and is now speaking to the world.

Fleece was sentenced to 10 years in the Kentucky Penitentiary for armed robbery in 1979. In the 1980s, another 18 years were added for prison s**ual involvement and first-degree violence. Another 20 years were added in the 1990s for assaulting a prison officer.

Fleece served 40 years before being released, and he went viral while incarcerated. MSNBC first interviewed Fleece for the show “Lockup Raw: The Convict Code.” The goal of the production was to steer kids to making good choices and avoid incarceration.

“I told them when I do this documentary, I ain’t gone tell them the s— their parents told them,” Johnson told Hustler’s Spirit in an exclusive interview, published on June 22. “Stay out of trouble, you’ll end up in prison. They done heard all that s—, that s— don’t register. What I’m gone tell them is going to shock their conscience.”

Fleece’s interview shocked the world.

“In this prison, b**ty was more important than food,” Johnson said on the MSNBC show. “B**ty. A man’s b**t. It was more important than, I’m serious, B**ty, having some b**ty, was more important than drinking water, man … when I see one and he looks good to me, when I go see him, I say, ‘Hey, you. Come here. I say, imma tell you what, I like you and I want you. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. So the choice is yours.’ And it was always a yes.”

Now that Fleece is released, he stands on his statements. Fleece was released and has since married a woman. But he claims that he still has urges for a man’s backside. Listen:

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