Iggy Azalea’s Letter of Support For Tory Lanez LEAKED!!

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Just days after Iggy Azalea tried to downplay her letter of support to the judge presiding over Tory Lanez’s case, the letter was leaked to the public…and it was worse than some initially thought.

“Daystar Peterson is not the pest you have heard about, he’s a gardener. He helps others bloom. Any leniency you may afford him would be something you could be proud of,” Iggy wrote after telling the judge that as a victim of abuse, she would not support an abuser.

“I deeply appreciate the person he is and have never witnessed him loose his temper or raise his voice at a woman. He’s always been incredibly respectful of me and I refuse to believe that he would do anything in malice especially to a woman,” she added.

On social media after the letter leaked, Iggy told her followers that she did not think the letter would be seen by the public.

“I have not been in touch with tory for months, I have no reason to be, but I do wish him well. I don’t ‘support’ anyone. the whole thing is full of oddities. My letter never mentioned anything in regard to what happened that night,” she tweeted.

Iggy said she thought only the judge would see the letter.

“Yet it’s being discussed in public? I never intended to publicly comment,” she wrote. “Iam not in support of throwing away ANY ones life if we can give reasonable punishments that are rehabilitative instead. I support prison reform. Period.”

Twitter has been lighting her up.

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