IG Model Tay Posley ARRESTED After Allegedly Beating Her Baby On LIVE For LIKES . . . Only $2K Bail!! (Watch)

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Nowadays people will do ANYTHING for likes. And now a poor innocent baby may be suffering because of it, according to Florida police.

A disturbing video was posted on social media showing a woman slapping and hitting a 1-year-old child. That video has led to the woman’s arrest yesterday, Media Take Out has learned.

Police in Sanford, Florida arrested a 23 year old woman named Tay Posley who describes herself as a “model” on Instagram.

According to police investigators, it was Tay in the video saying to the child, “You daddy wants to post (expletive) right, he want to (expletive) post (expletive) and not answer the god damn phone? I hate your (expletive),” before brutally slapping the 1-year-old in the face and on the back.


And in another video – which includes a screenshot below – the woman (who police claim is Tay) can be seen whisking around the baby in a violent manner.

Here’s a screenshot.

The child’s father also released purported text messages, which suggest that the woman in the video was prepared to kill the child. Look at the messages:

Officer said they went to Posley’s home to perform a well-being check on the child. Though they were not able to see any bruises on the child, police said they were able to identify the 1-year-old as the victim seen in the video and identified Tay as the woman hitting the child.

Child Protective Services were called and took custody of the 1-year-old, and Tay was arrested and charged with child abuse Media Take Out confirmed.

But she was given only a $2,000 bail – and was quickly released from jail.

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