IG Millionaire Supa Cent Buys New BOYFRIEND A HOUSE . . . And In Return He Proposes Marriage!

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Supa Cent is getting married y’all – but not before buying her soon to be husband a brand new house, and paying for it 100%, Media Take Out confirmed.

Supa Cent, real name Raynell Steward, is the creator and founder of The Crayon Case Cosmetics. She is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and a social media star. As such, she has a huge following on most social sites including YouTube, and Instagram.

But while her career has always been flying high . . . her personal life hasn’t.

But for the past year, she’s been dating a man named RayzoЯ Breaux, who calls himself an “entrepreneur” and an “event curator.”

As a 1 year anniversary present Supa Cent bought RayzoЯ a brand new house. Actually it’s better than that. She bought him 2 acres of prime land in Louisiana. She also hired an architect and a construction crew to build her man his dream house. Wow.

Social media reports seen by Media Take Out suggest that Supa Cent dropped more than $650K on the one year anniversary gift.

Here’s video of Supa Cent surprising her man with the present:

Well Supa Cent got a return on that gift. One day later, RayzoЯ proposed to Supa Cent. I’m mean….wouldn’t you?

Here’s video of the touching proposal. It’s not clear whether RayzoЯ’s proposal was organized before or after Supa broke him off with a NEW HOUSE, but the proposal was beautiful.


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