Ice Spice Caught LYING About Being Part Nigerian … Africans On Twitter Are BLASTING HER!!

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Female rapper Ice Spice previously told fans that she was “part Nigerian.” Well Media Take Out has confirmed that the beautiful rapper was lying about her heritage.

Ice’s mom is Dominican American, and her father’s African American. All sources on the internet suggesting that her father is Nigerian is completely “fake news.”

And now one of Ice’s closest friends is wondering WHY she would lie about her lineage.

It all started when Ice Spice posted a tweet last year, where she told fans that she’s “half” Nigerian. Look:

Now, Media Take Out learned that one of Ice Spice’s friends is talking openly about her lineage, and suggesting that Ice Spice is lying.

In an interview making the rounds on social media, the interviewer tells Ice’s friend that Ice Spice is Nigerian. Her friend responded, “I didn’t know, I seen her tweet that but she never told me that”

Ice’s friend is Nigerian.

Ice Spice’s friend then added that when she confronted Ice about saying she was Nigerian, Ice tried to deflect and told the woman that “her best friend is Nigerian.”

The Interviewer seemed incredulous – and repeatedly asked why Ice said she’s half Nigerian, but her friend remained clueless


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