Ice Cube’s BIG3 Basketball League May Be GOING UNDER … Player Says They’re NOT PAID!!

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Ice Cube’s BIG3 league may be in some serious trouble. Media Take Out has learned that former NBA player Nick Young says that BIG3 has failed to keep up with its payment schedule during its most recent season.

Nick said in a recent interview, “I think they need to get back to traveling to all different cities like they was.” The former NBA shooting guard explained about his time with the league.

“‘This past year, it felt like things weren’t ran well ’cause sometimes we ain’t get our money. Things got cancelled. Games got cancelled in the middle of the season. They didn’t know if they was gonna have a season. It was a lot, it was a lot this year.”

The former Los Angeles Laker continued, “I feel like they need to get the right investments and really organize it better because this year in the middle of the season, the season was about to be over ’cause they didn’t have the money or something like that.” He also noted that the salaries the BIG3 provides are far beneath standard payouts from international leagues. “Overseas money is more. Way more.”

Nick Young

Big3 is a 3-on-3 basketball league founded by hip hop musician and actor Ice Cube and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz. The league consists of 12 teams whose rosters include both former NBA players and international players. The rules of Big3 games contain deviations from the official rules of 3-on-3 basketball as administered by FIBA. In January 2020, Big3 announced its rule set would be the core of a new basketball variant called “Fireball3”.

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