Ice Cube Reacts To Billboard’s Top 50 Greatest Rappers List

Lyndon Abioye |

Ice Cube was asked about how he feels about Billboard’s top 50 greatest rappers list…and he is not impressed.

The list has proven to be very controversial.

“I don’t f-ck with Billboard or their editor,” he said told TMZ. “Billboard ain’t hip-hop so their opinion don’t matter.” He continued, “Yeah, it is,” he said when asked if Too Short was snubbed. “It’s an irrelevant list, you know what I mean? It’s like assholes; everybody got one and they all stink. There it is.”

Ja Rule also reacted to the list. Unlike Ice Cube, he is not on the list.

“There ain’t 50 rappers dead, alive or waiting to be born better than me… #ICONN #Vibes @billboard congrats to everyone on the list well deserved but check my resume…”

In separate post, he wrote, “I’m what they call a POLARIZING figure… You can love me or hate me but you will respect me… Men lie Women lie numbers don’t!!!”

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