Houston Police Say Takeoff Was Likely . . . . Accidentally Shot By His HOMIES!! (Paperwork)

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Media Take Out has some exclusive details on the murder of the late Migos rapper, Takeoff.

According to the Houston district attorney, the man whom police have in custody, Houston DJ Patrick Clark, is NOT the man who fired the shot which killed the talented rapper. Rather police suggest in charging documents that Takeoff was mistakenly shot by one of his own friends!!

In charging documents, obtained by Media Take Out, police are charging Patrick Clark with “felony murder”, and not murder. For those unfamiliar with the law, felony murder occurs when a person is killed during the commission of a crime.

So for example, if two people rob a bank and one of the robbers shoot a person while committing the robbery, the shooter is charged with murder, and his accomplice is charged with felony murder – for committing a crime [robbery] which ended up getting someone killed.

Under Texas’ felony murder rule, also known as “law of the parties,” if a defendant is committing a felony and a killing occurs, the killing will be deemed a murder. This is regardless of whether there was any intent to murder.

Felony murder carries a penalty range from 5 to 99 years or life in prison.

So what’s the prosecutor’s case against Patrick? Well according to the charging documents obtained by Media Take Out, they say that Patrick committed a felony – firing a gun in the direction of a group of people that included Takeoff – and that felony “caused” the death of Takeoff.

Prosecutors never allege in the charging documents that Patrick shot Takeoff – leaving the clear implication that Takeoff was hit with “friendly fire.”

Houston police previously told the media that they were conducting forensic evidence on the gun which allegedly was used to kill Takeoff. After the formic examination was done, prosecutors determined that they did not have sufficient evidence to charge Patrick directly with shooting Takeoff.

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