Hotline Launched For Potential Victims Of Tim Westwood

Lyndon Abioye |

Months after UK DJ Tim Westwood was accused of sexual assault, a new hotline has been launched as part of an investigation into his conduct.

Anyone who has any information about his sexual conduct, and the BBC’s knowledge of it, can call in and give the information about Westwood’s reportedly seedy ways.

Gemma White KC, appointed last year by the BBC to carry out an independent inquiry into Westwood, will deliver her report early July at the latest.

“Your evidence will help me establish whether the BBC knew of concerns and responded appropriately, and could be an important part of the BBC assessing and developing the way it responds to allegations or concerns in the future,” White said.

In April Westwood was accused of sexual misconduct by 7 women. A week later, it was reported that one of his alleged victims was Three women accused Westwood of opportunistic and predatory sexual behavior. The remaining four allege they were groped by him at events.

He denies the allegations against him.

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