Hot Boys Rapper B.G. Released From Prison

Lyndon Abioye |

Hot Boys rapper B.G. has been released from prison after serving just over 11 years for gun possession and witness tampering.

He was sentenced to 14 years.

Birdman posted video footage of him picking up.

B.G. tried to be released from prison early last year but was denied even though Birdman, Wendy Day, Slim, Gary Payton Sr., and other high profile names in the music industry have sent in letters of support.

The rapper, real name Christopher Dorsey, says violence in the prison is high and that the COVID-19 cases are through the roof.

“Dorsey complains of an outbreak of COVID-19 cases at his facility, but BOP’s website currently lists zero positive cases among inmates out of a total inmate population of 960 and one positive case among staff,” the judge wrote on documents obtained by DJ Vlad.

“Contrary to the government’s assertions that Dorsey represents some sort of threat to others or his community, his peers, and the city of New Orleans love him,” his attorneys wrote on his behalf. “Dorsey’s success and real-life struggles resonate. He is one of them who made it despite the odds against him.”

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