Hitmaka’s Mother Sent Him To Bootcamp After He Signed w/ DMX

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Hitmaka once signed as a rapper on DMX’s Bloodline Records but on a recent episode of Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion, he said his mother was upset with his decision and sent him away to bootcamp.

“She was like ‘Chris you gotta go to school’ She go jump in her car, locked the door and popped the trunk. There’s bags packed and now I’m fighting in the middle of a parking lot and they put plastic cuffs on me,” he said.

“My mom had signed away all her parental rights,” he continued. “I’m in this concentration camp type sh-t where they cut me off from the world. They were paying five grand a month for me to stay there…I didn’t know 9/11 happened. I didn’t know Aaliyah died…the Feds came and shut the sh-t down.”

This week, Tink responded to rumors she and Hitmaka are dating.

“I am dating, I have special friends,” she told WGCI. “Is that okay y’all, to have a special friend?”

“I’m glad we mentioned Hitmaka, he is the executive producer of the album, so you know, outside of like, personal life, we put in a lot of work,” she continued. “That’s my special friend. We are very close. We have a great business relationship and personal.”

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