Hitmaka Shoots Down Nicki Minaj’s Ghostwriter Claims

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Nicki Minaj took to social media to claim that all industry ghostwriters who work with female rappers have been influenced by her.

“It’s because everybody that is a ghostwriter right now in Hip Hop that is writing for any female, not just the artist, but the ghostwriter is a Nicki fan, too,” she said. “Every ghostwriter that writes for women, before they write that muthaf-ckin’ verse, they think, ‘What would Nicki Minaj say?’ And if you disagree with that or dispute that, you’re f-cking dumb.”

Hitmaka commented on The Neighborhood Talk’s post, adding, “Disagree. She got her own flow can’t be duplicated I can’t name a girl who sound like Nick,” he wrote. “And I’ve worked with every girl.”

On her “Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)” JT, BIA, Katie Got Bandz, Akbar V and Malibu Mitch all appear.

Last week, Nicki announced an upcoming single “Love In the Way,” with Bleu, dropping this Friday.

“#LoveInTheWay F R I D A Y @bleuvandross,” Minaj wrote on Instagram.

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