Hitmaka Responds To Tink Calling Him “Foul”

Lyndon Abioye |

Hitmaka has responded to former girlfriend Tink’s claims that he was “foul” after she allegedly had to defend herself in an altercation with him over the weekend.

“Hitmaka you foul. If you think to put the video out of me in the car, just understand I’m a have to let the clip go and everybody’s gonna get exposed,” she said before going on a rant about his behavior.

Hitmaka says they were both at a Cancun restaurant and he left “out of respect,” but with a “bunch of girls.” She said Tink approached him, calling him “Yung Berg,” and then put her hands on him.

According to the producer, he has it all on camera but that they are “still cool,” and that he has love and respect for her.

After posting his video, Tink responded.

“When someone has placed a million in your pocket, the least I need is respect,” she said. “And I wasn’t respected last night. I texted him multiple times in that restaurant, telling him, ‘You look great tonight, go up.’ I was never jealous of any woman with him. I need people to know, to the same women… the same man that y’all going to war over, he eats my ass from the rooter to the tooter, you know? It’s very different.”

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