Herschel Walker Appears To Hate Black Women (Including Black Baby Mama) … But Will Black Men Vote Against Him?

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Herschel Walker is currently running to be the sole Republican senator from Georgia – and there’s a lot wrong with the former football player as a candidate. The mainstream media has done a good job, for the most part, exposing his shortcomings.

Herschel Walker

But there’s one trait in Herschel that hasn’t been highlighted by the media. Herschel appears to have a subtle, yet obvious deep contempt for Black women and their accomplishments.

Media Take Out has listened to hundreds of hours of speeches by Herschel (which was a pretty painful task), and in doing so, it was striking that Herschel didn’t once say anything positive about a Black woman, other than his own mother.

But what was even more striking, was how the accused abuser would use personal attacks against all the Black women with whom he disagreed with politically.

You could even hear in his voice – what sounds like ”hate,” when he discussed Black women.

Herschel is a staunch conservative, and so he disagrees politically with most Democrats. But Media Take Out observed that when Herschel disagrees with men – including Black men like his opponent current Senator Warnock – he chose to attack their political ideology.

Here’s a video showing what Herschel said about some of the most prominent Black women in America:

In stark contrast, however, whenever Herschel disagreed with a Black woman, he resorted to personal attacks – and suggested that the women were somehow “unfit” for the positions they earned.

Herschel’s apparent anti-Black woman sentiment was on full display, when he criticized gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. In a June interview with a far-right podcasters Clay Travis and Henry Sexton, Herschel angrily said that the woman running for the Georgia Governor’s race should, “leave Georgia.”

Similarly, during an April 2022 interview with a far-right talk show on CD News, Herschel angrily discussed two of the most powerful Black Women in the world – Vice President Kamala Harris and Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Jackson. in the interview, Herschel’s voice trembled with contempt, as he discussed the two women, whom he claimed ”don’t deserve” their positions, ignoring the decades of hard work each put in.

Next, in a November interview with right wing commentator Charlie Kirk, Herschel lambasted MSNBC anchor Joy Reid as ”disgusting,” and said that Joy, a successful journalist and groundbreaking talk show host on MSNBC, ”hasn’t done anything but talk on TV.”

Finally, Herschel Walker saved his highest contempt for one of his babys mothers, whom the football player described as “Black” in earlier interviews. The candidate for Georgia senate called his 10 year old son’s mother a “liar,” and told NBC News’ Kristen Welker that he has “no reason” to speak with her.

Herschel has never publicly called out any of the other women – all White – who have children by him, even though one has accused him of violence against her. He also never called his son Christian Walker a “liar” – even though Christian accused the former football player of violence and neglect.

The question of Walker’s future is now in the hands of Black men. According to political experts it all comes down to – whether Black men are willing to stand up and vote against Herschel Walker. Media Take Out spoke with Crowdshot Strategies, one of the top political strategy groups which focuses on African American voters, and they told us that Black women have decided to vote against Herschel, but Black men are still on the fence.

In a written statement Crowdshot told us, “Black women are lining up in record numbers to early vote against Herschel Walker [in the Georgia run-off which ends December 6th], but Black men haven’t been as motivated to get out and vote.”

We wonder what will it take to get Black men motivated enough to go to the polls ….

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