Heavyweight GIRL FIGHT Goes Viral … Now They’re Trying To Sign One Of The Girls To BOXING

Lyndon Abioye |

We may have finally found the female version of Kimbo Slice, the viral street fighter who went on to become a MMA sensation.

Media Take Out has learned that a South Carolina woman is now famous, after she performed extraordinarily in a new street fight video thats going viral on Twitter.

The fight started after the two women – both large and powerful – got into a shouting match. After arguing for a few minutes, the two decided to settle things outside and started the physical combat.

Round one went to the woman in the black outfit. She was wearing rings on her hands, and so she managed to cause damage on her opponents face.

But the woman in White made a pretty dramatic comeback. After losing the first few rounds, she decided to settle herself down, and come back swinging.

The woman in white was clearly an experienced fighter, and she showed it.

And it took only a few solid blows to her oop’s face, before the group of friends decided to call off the fight. Unfortunately for the woman in Black, the damage was done.

Media Take Out confirmed that she lost two teeth in the fight.

And the woman in White may have won even more than the fight. Media Take Out learned that two boxing promoters are trying to track her down and sign the street fighter to a lucrative boxing deal.

One of the promoters is Mayweather Promoters, the company owned by legendary boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather.

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