Hayden Panettiere Details Opioid & Alcohol Addiction

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Nashville star Hayden Panettiere has opened up about her addiction to opioids and alcohol.

The actress says she started to drink heavily after suffering postpartum depression.

“I didn’t have any negative feelings towards my child. I just knew I was deeply depressed. I didn’t know where the alcoholism was ending and the postpartum was beginning, and I ran myself pretty ragged,” she said.

The actress said hard drugs ruined her career and her personal life.

 “I didn’t want to be around me. But with the opiates and alcohol I was doing anything to make me feel happy for a moment. Then I’d feel worse than I did before. I was in a cycle of self-destruction,” she told People. “I would have the shakes when I woke up and could only function with sipping alcohol.”

Hayden says she’s now sober after her loved ones realized she needed help. Hayden’s struggles sound a lot like her role in the country music television series.

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