Hair Stylist Claims NBA YoungBoy Got Her Pregnant!!

Lyndon Abioye |

A hairstylist is claiming that NBA YoungBoy flew her out, got her pregnant and is now giving her the silent treatment.

“This n-gga nba youngboy aka flew me out just to get me pregnant now he tryna blow up my phone and sweet talk me into getting and abortion and I’m not getting one n-gga think i want his money,” she wrote.

She posted alleged text messages exchanged between the two of them, including a text message from the rapper asking her why she doesn’t mess with him anymore.

Fans reacted to her post, suggesting she is excited about becoming a single mother. She claims she does not want to destroy his marriage.

YoungBoy is the father of 11 children. If the stylist, named Kash, is carrying his child, he would be the proud father of 12 children.

“Y’all call him nba youngboy I call him kentrell trust me he know what’s going on,” she captioned the image, confirming him as the alleged father of her unborn baby.

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