Gymnast Simone Biles Accused Of Being a ‘Mean Girl’ … Husband Defends Her Honor!!

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Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is going viral today, after one of her former fans is describing the beautiful athlete as a “mean girl,” Media Take Out has learned.

The former fan – who works at a beauty store in Los Angeles – described an encounter that she had with Simone, that left her feeling disrespected.

The woman explained that Simone and her husband visited her store, to buy some makeup. And the employee explained what happened next, “My coworkers daughter did gymnastics so she politely asked for a picture with her during check out.”

That’s when Simone allegedly rudely responded, “Absolutely bot, Your daughter is 4, she doesn’t even know me.”

Simone then reportedly went and complained to the manager of the store and allegedly became rude to other employees. So rude, in fact, that Simone’s husband apologized for his wife’s behavior.

The worker claims that everyone at the store were shocked by Simone’s “mean girl” behavior.


Media Take Out learned that Black Twitter has been roasting the living heck out of Simone for more than 24 hours.

Simone;’s husband Jonathan finally came to his wife’s defense, and disputed the entire story. Here’s his response:

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