Gunplay’s Wife Alleges His DRUG ABUSE Caused Daughter’s Heart Defect!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Gunplay’s wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales hopped on Instagram Live to claim that her husband’s drug abuse “was the cause” of their baby daughter’s heart defect.

Vonshae listed various drugs she says her husband abused.

“The reason my daughter had a heart defect is because of his drug abuse history. Like, he was the cause of her defect. Y’all could Google this. Anybody who abuses cocaine, ketamine…which he did too. He actually OD’d on ketamine twice. All those type of things, it causes cognitive disorders and dysfunctions,” she told her followers.

“So that’s why my daughter’s heart was f-cked up. He took it really hard and I just wasn’t with it. The moment I found out about it, ‘The moment you start using, I’m out.’ So I thought giving him the ultimatum was going to keep him doing well. Clearly that sh-t went out the window.”

In August, Vonshae put Gunplay on blast last month after the rapper allegedly pointed a gun in her face while she was holding their baby daughter. She went on to claim that she still loves him.

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