Gunplay Challenges DJ Envy To A Boxing Match

Tiffany Brockworth |

Rapper Gunplay has not forgiven DJ Envy for clowning his GoFundMe for his young daughter and is now challenging him to a fight.

“He didn’t realize, you know, that I’ll slap the sh-t outta him Yo, Envy, wassup? Put on the gloves. Let’s get it!” he says in the clip. “We could do it and raise some money for charity, or whatever. He took a jab at my daughter’s situation, and had my wife pretty hurt about it.”

During the same appearance on the We In Miami podcast, Gunplay’s wife confirmed she is suing the DJ. She said her father offered to go down to the studio to see Envy about his granddaughter.

“I’ve been seeing a therapist about all this,” she said. “Like, literally. I got the phone call from my father…my father listens to [The Breakfast Club] morning show…and he was like, ‘Is there a problem? Do I need to go up there about my granddaughter?’ And I’m like, what’s going on?”

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