Gunna Responds To His Haters In New Song Snippet

Lyndon Abioye |

Gunna responded to his critics in a newly released clip of a new track.

“Well connected, still got ties, know what I’m talm ’bout/People ask me where I’m going, know I’m sky-high/I been f-cking like a rubber, know what I’m talm ’bout/I been dancing with the devil, know what I’m talm ’bout/The way it’s been going, sh-t, why not?/Three bodyguards every time I pop out/Killers in murder cars every time I pop out/Homies will take the charge if I gotta cop out/Take a look again, n-gga, mine shot out/Forgive me for my sins and they mad I got out,” he raps.

Some people have turned on Gunna after he accepted a plea deal in the current RICO YSL case. Gunna admitted YSL is a gang and that he witnessed crimes being committed but claims he did not snitch on Young Thug.

Yung thug remains in jail and is waiting on his trial to begin. He has been in jail for over a year.

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