Gucci Mane Releases EXPLOSIVE Diddy Diss Track, “TakeDat”

Lyndon Abioye |

Gucci Mane surprised his fans by dropping an explosive diss track aimed at Bad Boy mogul, Diddy.

“I’m just f-cking around, but no Diddy,” raps Gucci at the beginning of the song.

“I got a young Miami b-tch from the city/ I’m spendin’ money like a trick, no Diddy/ I rock pissy yellow diamonds, no Diddy/ But she can’t be underage, no Diddy,” he raps.

 “Why you ain’t ever seen Wop at the brunch?/ ‘Cause they might spike the punch, man, that sh-t too risky.”

In several lawsuits, Diddy is accused of drugging his alleged victims and even sexual assault and r*pe. The mogul was even accused of blowing up Kid Cudi’s car after Cudi began dating Diddy’s ex, Cassie Ventura.

“Diamonds dancin’ on my chest, no Diddy/ But I blow a n-gga car up like Kid Cudi’s/ I’m on the yacht, takin’ shots, no Diddy/ Pay for top from the thot, no Diddy/ Some n-ggas wanna boss me, I’m not 50/ But get a n-gga ass touched like Biggie, no Diddy,” he continues.

Listen to the track above.

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