Gucci Mane Regrets Infamous ‘Pookie’ Diss During Jeezy Verzuz

Gucci Mane says he regrets performing a diss track about Jeezy’s dead friend during their Verzuz battle.

“I don’t even like to perform that song,” he said on Rap Radar. “When I left, I was like, ‘Damn. I wish I wouldn’t have said what I said.'”

He continued, “I didn’t know when I got on the stage, that was gonna happen, [that] I was gonna say that,” he said. “I ain’t like, ‘I’m bringing negative energy.’ It just really came out. I mean what I say. I say what I mean. So my thing was, if I was bad enough to say it in the studio, I’m bad enough to say it in your face.”

He said that even though he performed the diss, him and Jeezy ended on better terms.

“After I did what I did, and he came back and said what he said, I felt what he was saying,” the Atlanta rapper explained.

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