Grandmaster Caz Responds To Backlash Over Fat Joe’s Comments About The Origins Of Hip Hop

After Fat Joe claimed both Blacks and Latinos created Hip Hop, Grandmaster Caz was dragged into the argument after an old interview of him claiming, “Puerto Ricans were playing Congos and tamales in the park while we was playin’ turntables. Alright, so they our guests,” resurfaced.

Caz hopped on social media to address the backlash and he doubled down on his statement years ago.

“I’ve recently heard some controversy going around on Twitter about a comment I made in a Vlad interview a few years back. Well, let me clear some sh-t up for you right about now,” he said. “Some of the first Latinos in Hip Hop were down with me. Disco Wiz. Charlie Chase. Joe Conzo, the man who took Hip Hop’s babies pictures. Prince Whipple Whip. All Latinos. All part of my crew.

He continued, “OK, so there’s no way I could talk about there not being a Latino presence in the culture of Hip Hop. Now, I’ve stuck my foot in my mouth a couple of times on Vlad interviews and they probably caught an off-comment or something like that. But let me clear that up. For all my Latino brothers and sisters in Hip Hop, I’ve been an advocate since day one, so knock the bullsh-t off.”

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