Grace Jabari SUES Jonathan Majors … Graphic Description Of ‘ABUSE’! (Trigger Warning)

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Disgraced Marvel actor Jonathan Majors has been doing any and everything to try and get people to forget that he was convicted of abusing former girlfriend Grace Jabari.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – DECEMBER 15: Actor Jonathan Majors leaves the courthouse following closing arguments in Majors’ domestic violence trial at Manhattan Criminal Court on December 15, 2023 in New York City. Majors had plead not guilty but faces up to a year in jail if convicted on misdemeanor charges of assault and harassment of an ex-girlfriend. (Photo by John Nacion/Getty Images)

Now Grace wants her day in court. Grace is suing Jonathan for abuse, intentional infliction of emotional distress, malicious prosecution (for filing a false police report), and defamation (for calling her a liar).

Media Take Out got its hands on Grace’s lawsuit, and she explains in graphic detail all the abuse she allegedly underwent during their relationship.

The lawsuit is long, but the most compelling parts are when Grace described the abuse that she was under.

Grace’s lawsuit states:

Majors began exhibiting concerning behavior towards Grace as early as September 2021. From then on, the verbal assaults and frightening anger of Majors continued to escalate until the first time that he physically attacked Grace in July 2022.

The first time Jonathan put his hands on Grace:

In July 2022, while Grace and Majors were in Los Angeles, California, Majors became angry with Grace. She became afraid and instinctively tried to calm him down. Majors began shouting in Grace’s face and grabbed both her arms, pinning them to her body. He then shoved her into the shower door, causing the shower door to open. He then threw her body into the shower wall, causing her head to hit the wall.

The second time:

In September 2022, Majors again became upset and began verbally assaulting Grace while chasing her around the home. When he was finally able to corner her on the bed, Majors raised his fist over her as she cowered, protecting her face with her hands. On this occasion, Majors did not physically strike Grace; he obtained control over himself and left the property as Grace locked herself in a bedroom for safety. . .

He then suddenly came up behind her, grabbed her headphones from her ears, threw them to the ground, and began stomping on the headphones until they were broken. During this fit of rage, Majors was screaming at Grace in her face and threatening that she had better not be at the house when he returned. When he stormed off, Grace picked her broken headphones up off the ground as two strangers ran towards her to provide her with aid after having witnessed the incident. Grace, terrified, then returned home and called a friend to seek shelter.

A few days later:

On September 20, 2022, Majors became physically aggressive with Grace. Majors pushed Grace so hard that it bruised her backside. When Grace got up, she attempted to leave the house. Majors picked Grace up in the air and threw her against the hood of her car. Grace began shouting for help. Majors then forcefully grabbed Grace, placing her in a headlock and put his hand over her mouth to prevent someone from hearing her cries for help. He brought Grace back into their house and held his hands around her neck, stating that he wanted to kill her, and that he was going to kill her. Majors then started hitting Grace’s head against the marble floor while strangling her until she felt she could no longer breathe.

After that vicious beating, Jonathan tried to gaslight Grace:

Majors would threaten suicide in response to Grace’s attempts to understand why Majors became physically violent with her in the aftermath and to manipulate Grace away from going to the hospital or reporting the violence to authorities.

Grace says she tried to get help, from Jonathan’s management team:

In January 2023, in an attempt to get Majors help, Grace disclosed the details of Majors’ physical violence as recounted in the preceding paragraphs to a member of Majors’s team.

That team member then told Majors what Grace said to her about the abuse. Majors was furious at Grace for betraying him and telling a member of his team that he had physically assaulted her.

Then, after the incident last year, where Jonathan was convicted of beating Grace – the former model claims that Jonathan.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 03: (L-R) Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good attend the AAFCA Special Achievement Honorees Luncheon at The Los Angeles Athletic Club on March 03, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kayla Oaddams/Getty Images)

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