Gospel’s Deitrick Haddon Posts Graphic DANCE Video w/ Wife … Christian Community Outraged!

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There’s a pretty big scandal brewing in the Christian community. Gospel singer Deitrick Haddon celebrated his 50th birthday this weekend, and he posted video from the event.

And fans are so outraged by the video, that they are asking that the singer be dropped from his record label.

One video in particular has the Christian community up in arms. In the video, Deitrick was seen dancing provocatively with his wife Dom.

Dom posted a video of herself gr*nding on her husband and captioned it, “this is what balance looks like.”

She added, “Lady your man wants a lady in the streets, but a freak in the streets.”

Here’s the video that she posted:

Christians all over the world are flooding Dom and Deitrick’s page with comments, saying that they are setting a bad example for gospel listeners. And some of the fans have taken up a petition, asking Deitrick’s record label, Tyscot, to drop him.

Here’s just a sample of the comments:

Deitrick is a gospel singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, record producer, pastor, and actor. He is best known for progressive gospel, and contemporary styles of music. He is also one of the cast members in Oxygen’s reality television show Preachers of L.A.

Haddon is part of the cast of the reality television show Preachers of L.A., which chronicles the lives of six Los Angeles preachers, including Haddon. The show began airing on October 9, 2013 and airs on the Oxygen network in the United States.

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