Good Times’ John Amos In HOSPITAL … Allegedly Suffered ‘Elder Abuse’ & ‘Financial Exploitation’!!

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Good Times actor John Amos, 83, is not doing well. According to the actors daughter, Shannon Amos he’s in the hospital after allegedly suffering from elder abuse and financial exploitation.

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Shannon started a GoFundMe to raise money to help her dad.

According to Shannon, “on May 14th of this year, I received a distressing call from my dad, who was hospitalized far away in Memphis, Tennessee.”

“We managed a brief FaceTime conversation before his pain became too unbearable. Desperate, I reached out to a family friend, who flew to Memphis while I prepared to join them. What we found shattered our world: my dad fighting for his life in the ICU,” she added.

“During the following weeks, my family and I unraveled a horrifying truth—my dad had fallen victim to elder abuse and financial exploitation. Determined to seek justice, we a are working closely with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and the local Sheriff’s Department in my father’s home state, ” Shannon explained,

She created a GofundMe, to raise money, “To catch and prosecute the alleged perpetrators, [and give us] legal assistance, hoping they face the full weight of the law.”

She also said that “Our priority remains my father’s medical needs and providing him a safe haven. His home had been violated, stripped of anything valuable.”

Shannon did not give any specifics on who “abused” her father, or “exploited” him financially.

Up until recently, John has been posting videos with his son K.C. He was with his father John in Memphis in May:

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