GloRilla Claims She Hasn’t Been Paid For ‘FNF’

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“F.N.F. (Let’s Go),” has been one of the most viral hits of the year but GloRilla says she hasn’t made a “red cent” off the track.

Hitkidd claimed she sold the song out from under him but the rapper says he’s the only one whose gotten any money from the track.

“N-gga done made so much money from ‘F.N.F.’ and I haven’t made not one red cent (other than shows),” she wrote.

“But I’m still prospering ’cause guess what? I can rap in real life and ain’t no MF one-hit-wonder. I wrote every single lyric in every single song I ever put out and even after all this, I still got love for Hitkidd ’cause we came up together, even doe he been going behind my back ever since the song blew but dat’s another story for another day. I just hate da fact he had to bring da business to social media when I could’ve been came out about the snake sh-t he been doing to me.”

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