Glorilla & City Girl JT Allegedly Fought Backstage At The VMAS … And JT Reportedly WON!!

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There was some drama backstage at last months VMAs. According to a new report, received by Media Take Out, Glo Rilla got into it with City Girl JT …. and JT put them paws on the teeny tiny Memphis rapper.

Both JT, who grew up in Miami, and Glo Rilla, whose from Memphis, are known for being quick tempered.

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The new report claims that the two ladies had a dust up backstage at the VMAs. According to our inside sources, the two ladies are beefing because JT is close with Nicki Minaj and Glo Rilla is close with Cardi B.

In case you have been living under a rock, Cardi B and JT have been beefing with each other for more than 5 years. Each female rapper has put together a “team” of other female rappers in their squad – an the two “teams” are rivals.

JT has chosen to be team Nicki, and Glo Rilla is team Cardi.

So when Glo Rilla tried to approach JT back at the VMAs and talk, JT snubbed her. Big mistake. Glo Rilla is from Memphis …. and y’all know folks from that city don’t play.

According to the streets, Glo Rilla threw her drink at JT … and JT calmly walked over to Glo, who weighs about 80 lbs, and dragged her. Security ended up breaking things up before anyone got hurt.

Listen to blogger Armon Wiggins tell what he heard:

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