Girl From 90s Child P*rnography Tapes To Testify Against R. Kelly!!

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The girl who in the 1990s was featured in several child pornography tapes with R. Kelly and allegedly filmed by Kelly is reportedly set to testify against him in his upcoming federal Chicago trial.

The woman is now said to be close to 40 years old, and will testify using the pseudonym “Jane.”

“Jane’s going to testify. Jane’s going to tell you that it’s her on the videos,” Assistant US Attorney Jason Julien told jurors during his opening statement. “That it’s Kelly on the videos having sex with her.”

Kelly was acquitted during his first major trial but in NY he was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

“The defendant Robert Kelly had sex with multiple children. He made videotapes of himself having sex with young children. And these two defendants Derrel McDavid and Milton Brown knew about it. Derrel McDavid and Milton Brown helped Kelly cover it up and keep it a secret,” Julien said.

Kelly claims he is innocent.

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