Gillie Weighs In On Old Head Dressing Like Young Kids

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Gillie Da Kid is tired of seeing older men wear the same outfit as the young men these days and says they need to stop.

“To all you old heads that’s running around trying to live y’all second fucking childhood because you finally came up on some f-cking money at 41-years-old, 43-and-a-half. Now you running around with all the designer sh-t on? All the big-ass sneaks trying to act like you a cool ass old head? You’re not. You’re corny, n-gga. You always been corny,” he said on his Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

Gillie says it’s time for the old guys to put down the Balenciaga gear.

He continued, “Ain’t nothing gon change that. You a CMF for life. A corny muthaf-cka. And you know who know that you’re corny? All the muthafuckas that knew you before you was 41-and-a-half-years-old and finally got your f-cking life together and got some money. Now you running around here, you think ‘cause you got a nice car, you got them big-ass Balenciagas on that you ain’t supposed to be having. No, you’re too old for that sh-t.”

It doesn’t appear he was speaking on anybody in particular but some people belive he’s addressing Joe Budden’s outfits.

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