Gillie Da Kid Says Lil Durk Is The New Jay-Z!!

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Gillie Kid claims that rapper Lil Durk is the new Jay-Z.

“What you mean? You know who the new Hov is,” Gillie says. “‘I’m Durkio but I’m Chicago’s JAY-Z.’ Yeah, you know who the new Hov is!”

Gillie went on, To the young street n-ggas? Yes. Because see, Hov was about, you know, being a hustler, gettin’ some money, gettin’ the — that was the wave when we was young.”

He continued, “We didn’t look up to the shooters. The shooters was crash dummies. If you was a shooter, you was a n-gga whose life didn’t mean that much. We didn’t value your life. You was a goofy. It didn’t matter if you went to jail ’cause you gon’ die or go to jail anyway soon. You’s a goofy… Now, the shooters get praise. A n-gga can have some bodies and have no money and be popular. It’s like, wait, that n-gga don’t — that n-gga just got a $600 rusty gun. Like, what the f-ck is we praising him about?”

Y’all agree?

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