GHETTO TV!!! Rapper FBG Duck’s Mama Got RUN OVER … By Her Baby Daddy!! (Watch Video)

Lyndon Abioye |

LaSheena Weekly, the mother of deceased drill rapper FBG Duck, was run over by her babys father during a heated argument, Media Take Out confirmed. And the incident was captured on live-stream and uploaded to on Monday, July 31.

FBG Duck

LaSheena, who goes by the name “Mama Duck” to her son’s fans, has a fairly large social media following, and a very active On**Fans page.

Mama Duck is known for being extremely and unapologetically ratchet.

In the video, the 57 year old Mama Duck was seen arguing with her boyfriend on IG Live. And in the midst of the argument, he hops into his car and runs over her leg with his car.

“I ain’t touch you. Jazmine, I swear to god, on Duck, don’t pull your car out,” Mama Duck told a female friend who was parked behind the man’s car.

“He finna back it… Do not hit my car!” the woman responded.

“He not gonna hit you. Put the car in park,” Mama Duck can be heard replying.

“You just put your hand on me!” her babys father yelled to Mama Duck, who resplied, “I didn’t touch you, ’cause I don’t want you!”

Moments later Mama Duck can be heard screaming, “My leg! My leg!”


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